Hobby … part 2

A photo I took using compact camera.

Ok, so I gave up photography long time ago. Such a quitter I am … lol

When you are young, you got distracted easily. I was soon busy with schools when I moved to study in Singapore. New friends, new environment, learning to be independent as I’m staying with my uncle and his family. I was pretty much left alone and go about my daily life. Photography never crossed my mind.

During my junior college time, personal computers became mainstream. My sister-in-law got one. It’s super expensive by today standard, about S$3K and running on 80286 CPU and 640 Kbytes RAM, 20 MB hard disk. A lowest spec smartphone today has more computing power than that. LMAO. But it was state of the art during that time, top range personal computer. You can do little with it, mainly Lotus 1-2-3 (grandfather of Excel). Photography never crossed my mind.

But soon I found a better use for it. I install games on it! Did I mention the monitor is monochrome? Black and white and 16 shades of gray. Can you imagine that? But that didn’t stop me to play computer games on it and thinks of ways to upgrade the hardware. I started by adding more RAM. Then video card, to increase to 256 colors. And finally a sound blaster card. Suddenly the computer became colorful and fun. It’s no longer giving beeps only, it can play synthetic sound. These two upgrades enhanced my gaming experience tremendously! I played Romance of Three Kingdom, Dungeons and Dragons, flight simulator etc. Gaming became my main pastime. Photography never crossed my mind.

Time flies from secondary school, junior college, university, starting new first job, got married . Photography never crossed all those years. Then my son was born and I bought a compact camera. But that’s not because I want to start photography as a hobby. I bought the camera to record my son’s growing up life. That camera is just a recording device. Photography never crossed my mind.

So photography is still not my hobby even though I had the compact camera and used it to record my son’s growing up life for a few years.

How did I get serious about photography? To be continued. ..




Took using mobile phone at a pub

I don’t have many hobbies. I had a few before but they didn’t stick. The only hobby I have now is photography… and eating if that is considered hobby.

I started photography when I was a teenager, around thirteen or fourteen year-old, if my memory serves me well. It’s a film camera, of course. There is no digital technology during that time. I have no clue why I choose to start photography as a hobby. It’s not as if there were many photographers around me. My family is also not rich to have spare cash buying camera equipment.

Then one day my father struck lottery, not a big sum but enough to offer us gift. He asked what do I want to buy. I was reading some books about model boat during that time so I was considering getting started with that as hobby. But I couldn’t find a shop that is selling model boat near my place. I guessed as a teenager, I gave up too easily.

So I asked for a camera. But I forgot what brand but it’s not cheap. It could be Nikon or Canon but I have no idea how to choose. I bought the camera, I took a few rolls of film and then stopped. I ran out of ideas what to shoot, I guessed. There is no one to teach me or photography book to learn from too. The interest in photography dies then and there.

So how come photography is my hobby again now? … to be continued…

My first blog

Dreamy 16:9

Dreamy …

I have been thinking of starting a blog … here we go… my first blog post…

Why do I want to start a blog? I don’t know, it’s on my bucket list. How did it get on that list? No idea. Maybe I just want to fill up that list. Maybe I want to leave behind sonething when I’m gone from this world. Maybe I want to be famous. Maybe, so many maybe. Am I a good writer? Absolutely not. So why do I want to start a blog? It’s related to writing, no? It’s a question I’m pondering too. Maybe I’ll find the answer thru this blogging journey. Maybe.

… more to come!